Free Range Myrrhee Boer Goats

Nestled in the foot hills of the beautiful Myrrhee Valley , the Myrrhee Premium Boer Goat free range farm is located between Wangaratta and Benalla near the King Valley in North Eastern Victoria, Australia.

Owners, David and Connie Northey together with their four children allow their herd to roam free range over their paddocks and undulating hills of native and improved pastures, offering the goats an environment as nature intended.

The goats are tended by Maremma livestock guardian dogs, ensuring they are protect all year round from predators, especially during kidding.

Established in 2008, the Myrrhee Boer Goat farm was developed in response to an identified increasing demand and lack of supply of high quality free range Boer goats, in particular Capretto (milk fed young goat).

Australian and worldwide market is are demanding greater supply of high grade Boer goat meat that has been reared in a natural, free range environment with an ample source of high quality feed.

Our Boer goats have free access to natural chemical free pasture, hay grown on the property and fresh vegetables. The goats roam freely across the farm, amongst purpose built paddocks that provide them with fresh feed, water and shelter.

Goat farmers in Myrrhee Victoria
Free Range Boer Goat Farm

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